Christian Ulrich ~ Hello World

So I'm starting to write a blog in 2017. I had the idea the first time in 2009 when web 2.0 seemed to be a big thing and people (in my filter bubble) were talking about the blogosphere as an alternative form of journalism. At least for some of them the vision has worked out.

My filter bubble changed in the mean time and I changed, too. I became less a perfectionist and more relaxed in a way. That's a good precondition for finally being a hobbyist writer. The subjects of my articles are not fixed yet. Some articles will be about my small and big software projects and maybe I'll present some impressions of my next backpack journeys, too. We'll see.

There is no comment section. Mainly this is because I'm using a static website generator and it's not straightforward to integrate dynamic content such as comments. Maybe I'll take care of that, maybe not. If you feel like commenting, write me an email. I'll be happy to attach useful feedback to my articles.

Stay tuned for more!